19 Dec 2016
Several updates and corrections have been added to the families of Pleasant Hardigree, John Hardegree,
Harmon H. Hardigree, Elisha Hardigree, and John Calhoun (son of William) Hardegree.  
The e-mail contact list was also updated.

18 Dec 2016
Updated information was added to the families of Linda Hardigree and Brenda Fay Hardigree, both daughters of Von Homer Hardigree, a descendant of Harmon H. Hardigree.
Information was also added to Tommie Grantham Hardegree Martin's military history by AJ Martin, Jr., both descendants of John Hardegree.

2 May 2016
Information on James W. Crow, II, descendant of Joel Hardigree, was added.

26 Apr 2016
Information from two obituaries, one for Adaline Hardegree, widow of John Hardegree, and one from William Frederick "Fred" Wilson, husband of Ethel (Wilkes) Wilson, descendant of Pleasant Hardigree were added.  Additional children for Jami (Lemons) Ponder, descendant of John Hardegree, were added.  The section of family of Lawrence Hardegree, descendant of Harmon Hardegree, was updated with information sent by Sherri Hardegree.  E-mail address for Ruth (Holloway) Fish was updated.

25 Feb 2012
Additional information on Mary Etta (Hardegree) Craddock, descendant of John Hardegree; Hayward Allen Hardigree and Effie L. (Hardigree) Doster, both descendants of Harmon Hardigree, and Elmer Joe Hardegree and Dr. James Walter Maxwell, both descendants of Elisha Hardigree, were added from their obituaries.  
Correct military information for James W. Hardigree and John S. Hardigree, sons of Elisha Hardigree, was submitted by David Gode and also from Nova Lemons' additional research.

25 Jun 2011
Information on Kenneth David Hardegree's family was submitted by Oliva Jade Hardegree, Kenneth's wife.

11 Jun 2011
Additional information has been added to the Richardson and Bellsmith families, descendants of John Hardegree.  It was submitted by Ken Richardson.

25 Mar 2011
Information on the family of Chrisean E. (Hardigree) Brown, a descendant of Elisha Hardegree, was added.

3 Feb 2011
Information on John Edwin Hardegree and the marriage of his son Daniel J. Hardegree has been added to the John Calhoun Hardegree section.

23 Aug 2010
Additional information has been added to the Pleasant Hardigree section:  Joe L. Collier, widower of Lela Grace (Hardigree) Collier, and a new descendant, Robert Warren Condurso.

20 May 2010
Photo of the grave marker of Wyche Malone Elder, husband of Nancy Hardigree, who died at Rock Island prison in IL and is buried in the Confederate cemetery there was sent by John Whitledge, a FindAGrave.com photo volunteer.  A new page was started for the Nancy Hardigree Elder section.
Dickson Grimes shared two photos for the Martha (Hardegree) Grimes section.  One photo is of Martha (Hardegree) Grimes as an elderly lady and the other photo is of Martha's son Elisha Mortimer Grimes (great-grandfather of Dickson Grimes).  He also shared a family lore about Martha.
In the John Hardegree section, a new descendant was added -- James Cyrus Ponder.

1 Apr 2010
Information on Marilyn Mae Hardigree, widow of Lester F. Hardigree, Jr., was added to the Joel Hardigree section.  Thanks to Elaine C. Neal for alerting me to her obituary.

7 Mar 2010
Several additions and corrections have been made to the John Hardegree section.  Grave marker photos sent by David Gode of Eliza (Hardegree) Jackson, her husband, their son and their granddaughter from Jackson/Browning Cemetery have been added.  Also added is the information on James Jesse Pryor and his family which was omitted from the book by mistake.  Additional data was also added for John Montgomery Pryor, Mary K. (Adams) Alberry's husband William R. Alberry, Violet L. (Pryor) Godwin and her husband Weldon Godwin, Velma R. (Pryor) Shinault, and Johnnie B. (Pryor) Bellsmith's husband Taylor W. Bellsmith.  Another great-grandchild was added for Virginia L. (Pryor) Sebourn.
In the Pleasant Hardigree section, a correct death date was added for Bertha, daughter of Thomas G. Hardegree and
Mary E. (Pryor).  An updated photo of Ples A. Hardegree's marker, reset on its base, was sent by David Gode.

6 Mar 2010
A photo of the memorial marker for Mary (Hardigree) Holloway, her husband David Holloway, and some members of their family at Peatown Cemetery has been added to Mary's section.

23 Jan 2010
I apologize for the delay in updating the website.  I changed over to a new computer, an Apple Mac, and unfortunately was not able to use the website's software on it.  I finally got a Windows section created on my computer that would allow a Windows- based software to work on it.  Thank you for your patience and your contributions.
John R. Moore's name, e-mail address and website link has been added to the Hard*gree Cousins list.  He descends from Hiram and Mary (Coleman) Hard*gree.
Information about the publication with a chapter on the murder of Ples A. Hardegree, descendant of Pleasant 
Hardigree, and photos of his grave marker was contributed by David Gode.
Information on Betty Ann (Hardigree) Haithcock, descendant of Pleasant Hardigree, was added from her obituary.
In the Joel Hardigree section, information from the obituaries of Frances Hardigree Hutchins, John Willie Hardigree, and Kenneth Richard Hardigree were added.  Also added was the marriage information for James Timothy Hardigree of the Joel Hardigree section.
Jessica Lehman has been added as a daughter of Lori Ann (Hardigree) Lehman and is descended from Hiram Hardigree.
Additional information on the family of Minnie Irene (Hardigree) Dunaway, descendant of Harmon H. Hardigree, was sent by Ellen (Dunaway) Adair.
Information from the obituary of Kenneth D. Potter, husband of Laura Jean Hardegree, was added to the Elisha Hardegree section.

19 Apr 2009
Information on John Arthur Hardegree, descendant of William and Leah (Moore) Hardegree has been added to this section. 
Linda (Garmany) Jones contributed additional information on her husband Richard Lamar Jones, Jr. (descendant of Zachariah Hardigree).

3 Feb 2009
Information from the obituary of Royal Wilson Hardegree has been added to the Pleasant Hardigree section.

26 Jan 2009
Information from the obituary of John Blakely Giles, Sr. has been added to the Pleasant Hardigree section.

16 Dec 2008
Information from the obituary of James Luther Suttles, Jr. has been added to the Joel Hardigree section.  Also, a correction to Ebbie Elgie (Hardigree) Suttles has been included.  Thanks to Elaine C. Neal for the contribution.  

17 Jul 2008
Additional information on Alfred June Martin, Jr., son of Alfred Detroit Hardegree, Jr. / Alfred June Martin, and his family, and his mother Joyce (Hilton) Martin was contributed by A J Martin.  This has been added to the John Hardegree section.

28 May 2008
Information for Theo Winston Hardegree, son of David Archibald Hardegree, has been added to the John Calhoun Hardegree section.
Additional information for Grace (Hardigree) Collier has been added to the Pleasant Hardigree section and I have dedicated that page in memory of her.

5 Apr 2008
Additional information (dates) was added for Nolia Lucille (Hardegree) Wood and Lily Sue Ruby (Hardegree) Ginn.  More information on Rose May Hardegree, her husband Howard Elmer Zeltman and their family was contributed by Carol Zeltman.  Rose's husband was incorrectly listed as Harold in the book.  Nolia, Lily and Rose were descendants of Pleasant Hardegree.

24 Mar 2008
Additional information for Donald F. Scott has been added to the John Hardegree section and I have dedicated that page in memory of him.
More information has been added to the Harmon H. Hardigree section for James K. P. and Sarah (Elder) Hardegree and Ella (Moseley) Hardegree, wife of William E. Hardegree, from the death certificates sent by Rhonda Flynn.
Mrs. Flynn also sent a copy of the death certificate for Pauline (Banks) Hardegree, wife of Joseph Bruce Hardegree, which additional information has been added to the Zachariah Hardegree section.

22 Jan 2008
Sherri (Smith) Hardegree sent some findings on the possible origins of the surname Hardacre.

21 Jan 2008
Updated information on the families of Kenneth David Hardegree and Mark Thomas Hardegree, both descendants of Harmon Hardegree, have been included.  The information was sent by Sherri (Smith) Hardegree.
Rhonda Flynn forwarded an interesting article on the gold particles found on Zack Hardegree's property.  A copy of the article is included in Zachariah Hardegree's section.

15 Jan 2008
Information from obituaries of Michael Dale "Mickey" Hardegree, Sr. and Jerry Lamar Hardegree, both descendants of William Hardegree and Leah Moore through John Calhoun Hardegree, have been added.

26 Dec 2007
Information on [#95.] Franklin D. Hardigree from his obituary has been added to the Joel Hardigree section.

17 Nov 2007
A note from Sylvia Ross to descendants of Edwin and Sarah (Hardegree) Cox and other Cox researchers was included on Sarah's page.
Also, a reply by Donald F. Scott to Joan Shipe's query for more photos of Alfred Detroit Hardegree (of John Hardegree's section) has been added along with few photos of Alfred, his parents Franklin and Mattie Hardegree, and his two siblings Harvey and Bonnie.  See John Hardegree's section.

22 Oct 2007
Additional information on Edwin Fort Cox, husband of Sarah Hardegree, and their son Nathan Fort Cox was submitted by Sylvia Ross and added to Sarah's section.  Photos of Nathan Cox's wife Josie and their son Ernest B. Cox were also added.  Sarah's parents were Jonathan and Patsey (Cameron) Hardegree.  [pp. 223, 224.]

[This page was started on 21 Oct 2007.]

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