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A Pioneer Church in the Oconee Territory:
A Historical Synopsis of Antioch Christian Church
by Billy Boyd Lavender (2005)

The new book is "a chronological record of the Antioch Christian Church of northern Georgia," taking you on "a journey from the early settlement of Mannakin Town, Virginia, to the Scull Shoals Community on the east bank of the Oconee River in northern Georgia" following the steps made by the church's early ancestors.  It will also carry you through the early years as far back as 1793 and provide a picture of life in Georgia during America's early years.  A wonderful and well done book for anyone who loves American history, genealogy, and with a connection to the church.  This book contains genealogical information on the families of Elders, Fambroughs, Hardigrees, Willoughbys and many other families.  Available as paperback, hardback and e-book.

Order online from the publisher
or call the author at 706-769-7848 to order a copy.
All proceeds go to Antioch Christian Church, Inc.


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