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John Calhoun Hardegree Section

NOTE:  Dates after 1925 will not be posted here 
unless the individual is deceased.

pp. 521, 523 --
1.John Calhoun Hardegree
According to Faye (Jones) Kemp, a descendant, John's wife Catherine's maiden name 
was White.  This information was given to her by another family member who compiled it 
for the 1985 Hardegree reunion.  Mrs. Kemp will attempt to locate a source for this 
information.  Winston Hardegree, another descendant, also has Catherine's maiden name 
listed as White.  He has John's full name as John Cameron Hardegree.  [Need sources / 
records for his full name.]
[SOURCES:  Faye (Jones) Kemp and Winston Hardegree]

p. 523 --
Additional information on the children of John C. Hardegree:
8.iMartha M. "Mattie" Hardegree married Charles (John?) Thompson in Clay Co., 
9.iiWilliam B. Hardegree was born in Coweta Co., GA.
10.iiiMary A. "Mollie" Hardegree was born 1844 in Coweta Co., GA and married 
William H. Bruce on 17 Feb 1887 in Clay Co., AL.
11.ivJohn M. Hardegree was born in Coweta Co., GA.
12.vLeah Caroline "Dink" Hardegree was born in Coosa Co., AL and died in Clay 
Co., AL.
13.viSenieth C. "Senia" Hardegree was born in Coosa Co., AL and died in Clay 
Co., AL.
14.viiJonathan Millard Fillmore Hardegree  [see p. 526 for additional information]
15.viiiLucinda Lovoenia Hardegree (4 May 1853 Coosa Co., AL - 20 Apr 1925) 
married Amos James Buchanan Kelley on 23 Sep 1883 in Clay Co., AL.  
Both were buried at New Prospect Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery in 
Clay Co.
16.ixJesse Thomas Hardegree was born in Coosa Co., AL.
17.xNancy Jane "Nan" Hardegree (22 Feb 1860 Coosa Co., AL - 7 Dec 1936) 
married Joshua T. Reames on 13 Dec 1888 in Clay Co., AL.  Both were 
buried at New Prospect Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery.
[SOURCE:  Winston Hardegree]

p. 524 --
4.  Sarah Jane Hardegree
        In the Hardgree book, the following information read:  "The 1870 census Coosa Co. listed the family 
        but for some reason Sarah Jane was not listed ... The Jacks were on the 1880 Ellis Co., Texas 
        census ... Sarah was incorrectly listed on this census as born in SC and her parents both born in 
        SC."  David Gode noted that "the reason for the discrepancies was that Sarah must have died prior 
        to the 1870 census.  The Sarah on the 1880 census was not Sarah Jane Hardegree, but Isaac's
        third wife, Sarah Louisa Mosley.  In addition to being born in SC she shows to be born in 1849 
        making her 23 years younger than Sarah Hardegree.  Also, death certificates at 
        for Odessa Vera Harris and Tura Bennett list parents as Isaac M. Jacks and Sarah L. Moseley."
[SOURCE:  Information from David Gode (23 Jan 2013).]


Additional information for pages 523, 524, and 525 sent by David Gode:

        Isaac M. Jacks
        Find A Grave Memorial #96184585
        FAG notes:
        Son of John Jacks and Jane Maxey of Coosa County, Alabama. Husband of Sarah Louisa Moseley.         Married 16 March 1871 Coosa County, Alabama.

        My notes for the Jacks brothers with military records obtained at

        On the 1850 census the Jacks and Hardegree families were neighbors on Hatchet Creek.  
        Hatchet Creek begins in the Talladega National Forest in Clay County, flows through Coosa 
        County, and today empties into Mitchell Reservoir on the Coosa River.

        ‘Northwest toward Hatchett, from an early date several families of Millers owned farms, and 
        these are still owned by their posterity. Near them was Mr. John Jacks, whose sons, Isaac 
        and Sam, were a long time after him still in the county. Somewhat in the same section, but 
        lower down the creek were the Hardegrees, Parishes, Williams Chancellor, and William 
        Bridges. (1)”
        (1) Rev. George E. Brewer, History of Coosa County, Alabama (Easley, SC: Southern Historical Press, Inc., 1987), p. 121.

        Jacks brothers marry Hardegree sisters:

        Isaac M. and 1st Elizabeth 19 Jan 1853; 2nd Sarah Jane 29 Dec 1859 (*Isaac married 3rd 
        Sarah Louisa Moseley 16 Mar 1871 Coosa Co., AL.)

        John Andrew and Caroline 24 Dec 1856

        Doctor Franklin and Alcazia 9 Jan 1868

        (All 3 were in Co K 59th AL Inf Regt CSA along with brother-in-law Jonathan Davis Hardegree.  
        Six companies of the 2nd Battalion and four companies of the 4th Battalion, Hilliard’s Legion, 
        Alabama Volunteers, were consolidated by S. O. No. 280, A. & I. G. O. dated November 25, 
        1863 to form the 59th Regiment Alabama Infantry.)

        Isaac M. Jacks enlisted as a private for 3 years 1 Sep 1862 Coosa, AL by Capt. Walden.  
        Brothers Doctor Franklin and John A. enlisted earlier on 28 Apr 1862 with brother-in-law 
        Jonathan Davis Hardegree following a year later on 23 Sep 1863. 17 Mar 1863 detached 
        service, detailed as teamster at Gen. Longstreet’s Hdq. Captured Petersburg, VA 17 Jun 1864, 
        sent from City Point, VA to Point Lookout, MD, arriving 24 Jun 1864, transferred to Elmira, NY 
        27 Jul 1864, released 14 May 1865, took oath of allegiance 19 May 1865 at Elmira. POW Roll
         description: residence Coosa, AL; dark complexion, hair and eyes; 6 ft.

        John Andrew Jacks enlisted as a private for 3 years along with brother, Doctor Franklin, 
        28 Apr 1862 by Capt. Walden. Brother, Isaac M. followed enlisting 1 Sep 1862 and brother-in-
        law, Jonathan Davis Hardegree, enlisted a year later on 23 Sep 1863. Muster Roll Jan-Feb 
        1865 shows extra or daily duty in Ambulance Corps Regt. POW Roll, Newport News, VA 
        shows captured 6 Apr 1865 at Farmersville. Sent to Newport News from City Point, VA on 
        14 Apr 1865. Took Oath of Allegiance at Newport News 24 Jun 1865. POW Roll shows 
        residence Coosa, AL; fair complexion; dark hair; gray eyes; 5’11”.

        Doctor Franklin Jacks listed in military records as B. F. Jacks enlisted for 3 years as a private 
        along with brother, John Andrew, 28 Apr 1862 at Coosa, AL by Capt. Walden. Brother Isaac M. 
        enlisted later on 1 Sep 1862 and brother-in-law, Jonathan Davis Hardegree, followed the next 
        year on 23 Sep 1863. Surrendered Appomattox Courthouse 9 Apr 1865.

        Doctor Franklin Jacks: Find A Grave Memorial #13663851

        Alcazia (Hardegree) Jacks: Find A Grave Memorial #13663850

        My notes for Jonathan Davis Hardegree:

        Jonathan Davis Hardegree enlisted for 3 years as a private 23 Sep 1863 at Rockford, AL by 
        Capt. Payne. His brother-in-laws enlisted a year earlier. Muster roll for Jan-Feb 1864 states 
        he has never received bounty or pay.
[SOURCE:  David Gode (23 Jan 2013).]


p. 526 --
9.William B. Hardegree
Faye (Jones) Kemp's grandmother, Laura (Hardegree) Dyson, told her that after Civil War, 
Laura's father, William B. Hardegree, walked back home from Appomattox with a Yankee
bullet in his hip.  William's middle name was listed as Burton on his CSA military and 
pension records but his daughter Laura and his granddaughter Helen F. Haywood said his 
full name was William Bryan / Brian Hardegree.  
Karin Ward sent additional information on William B. Hardegree's birth place and 
military service.  William was born in Newnan, GA.  He enlisted as a private in Co. B, 12th 
AL Infantry Regiment, Confederate Army on 15 Feb 1861 at Socapatoy in Coosa Co., AL.  
He was wounded at Chancellorsville, VA and discharged 9 Apr 1865.  
[Click here to see photos of William and his wife Lovie, and their gravemarkers at 
Springhill Cemetery in Ashland, AL.]
37.iMarcus F. Hardegree (1876 - 1892) died at age 16.
38.iiLaura Exa Hardegree (Sep 1878 AL - c1962 or 1963) married Merritt Dyson
and they had 7 children.  All of their children are now deceased, except for
one spouse, Larry Olen Green.
1.  Ancel Merritt Dyson did not marry and had no children.
2.  Ermine Dyson married Eugene Capps and they had one adopted son,
Bill (deceased).  Bill had no children.
3.  Victor Dyson married Ruby Turner.  Their children were:  Jean Ann who
married Glenn Rogers and had one son, Glenn Jr., and an adopted
daughter; Donna Mae who married Ken ______; and Laura Jane.
4. Frank Edward Dyson was not married.
5.  Clara Nell Dyson, mother of Faye Kemp, (b. 1913) married Sidney A.
Jones (b. c1905 Talladega Co., AL), son of John Reuben and Ethel
(Willingham) Jones of St. Clair Co., AL.  Two children:  Marjorie Faye
who married Dolph Upton Kemp of Mobile, AL (no children); and 
Sidney A. Jones, Jr. who married Linda Landers of Atlanta, GA
(no children). [Click here to see Nell's photo.]
6.  Jewel Dyson married Douglas Thompson and they had no children.
7.  Gladys Dyson married Larry Olen Green and they had two children:
Bonnie Gail who married Robert Hall and had 2 children - Heidi Jean 
and Virginia Lee "Ginger"; and Virginia Sue who married Bill Latta of 
Birmingham, AL and had one daughter, Lee Bonnie who married 
Doug _____ (expecting their first child in May 2003).  Ginger Hall 
married Kevin Paris and they have two children, Taylor and Tyger 
Jean.  Heidi J. Hall married Harry Edwards of Birmingham and they 
went to Russia where they adopted a baby girl, Gigi Gail.
38a.      iiiCecil Hardegree (1880 - 6 Nov 1882), according to Faye Kemp, was the 
son who drowned at Goldmine Pond in Clay Co., AL at age 2.
39.ivBessie P. Hardegree never married and had no children.  [click here to see 
her photo]
40.vErnest Eugene Hardegree [see information listed below for p. 529]
41.viIsla Dell Hardegree  [click here to see her photo]
[SOURCES:  Faye (Jones) Kemp and Karin (Hardegree) Ward.]

pp. 526-527 --
14.Jonathan Millard Fillmore Hardegree (10 Jun 1851 Coosa Co., AL - 25 May 1923 
Goodwater, Coosa Co., AL) married second on 14 Dec 1890 in Coosa Co. to Frances 
Adeline "Fannie" Candler.
42.iHugh Derriel Hardegree  [see p. 529 for more information]
43.iiEstella Margaret Hardegree (16 Jan 1885 AL - 16 May 1887; Rock Springs 
Cem) was listed on Winston Hardegree's family history as Estela M. 
Hardegree (b. 28 Nov 1885) and married to James W. Scarbrough (5 Jul 
1878 - 25 Dec 1960) in 1911.  Both buried at New Prospect Primitive 
Baptist Church Cemetery, Clay Co., AL.  [If this is correct, then who is 
the Estella Margaret buried at Rock Springs Cemetery?]
44.iiiWilliam Sceay Hardegree (18 Feb 1887 Goodwater, Clay Co., AL - 26 Mar 
1968 Lubbock, TX) married Ovada Melissa Scarbrough on 6 Dec 1909.
45.ivAnnie Derah Hardegree (b. 2 Dec 1892) married Willis Jesse Tankersley.
46.vLela Catherine "Kate" Hardegree married "Mac" McCord.
47.viJohn Festus "Jack" Hardegree
48.viiAthel Antoinette Hardegree (bu. Old Liberty Hill Cemetery, Clay Co., AL)  
[see more on her on p. 527]
49a.viiiJesse B. Hardegree (b. 1901) was not listed in the book.
[SOURCE:  Winston Hardegree]

p. 527 --
16.Jesse Thomas Hardegree
His wife Nancy Jane Luker was born in Clay Co., AL.
[SOURCE:  Faye (Jones) Kemp]

48.  viiCintanette Hardegree (Aug 1898 AL - ) was listed as Antonett E. on 1900 Clay 
Co., AL census.  Her actual full name was Athol Antoinette Hardegree.  She was 
born 6 Aug 1898 and died 7 Sep 1990.  She married on 5 Nov 1922 to Joseph 
Emery Lynch (23 Aug 1891 Clay Co., AL - 12 Apr 1934 Jefferson Co., AL).  They 
had two sons.
1.  Joseph Keith "Joe" Lynch
2.  Robert Earl "Bob" Lynch
Jim Rice, who provided the information on this family, mentioned that this family 
lived in the community of Inglenook in the city of Birmingham, AL, just down the 
street from him and his parents.  Jim knew Mrs. Lynch well for she was his 
mother's closest friend and almost like a second mother to him.  He always knew 
her as "Lynchie."  Joseph and Athol were originally of Goodwater, Clay Co., AL.   
Some of the information was also sent by Bob Lynch to Jim Rice.
[SOURCE:  Jim Rice]

p. 529 -- 
40.Ernest Eugene Hardegree 
His wife Thelma Minnie Pitts was the daughter of Vichal T. and Sarah E. Pitts.  They 
had 12 children.   Only James Bryce was listed as a known child in the book.  Some of 
the following children were incorrectly listed in the book as children of James Bryce when 
they should be listed as his siblings.  [Click here to see Eugene's photo.]
1.  Mavis Lucille Hardegree (1922 - 1927; Springhill Cemetery, Clay Co., AL)
2.  Lola B. Hardegree (1923 - 1943; Springhill Cemetery) died unmarried.
3.  Ernest Eugene Hardegree, Jr. (25 Jun 1925 - Apr 1970; Anniston Memorial 
Gardens, Anniston, AL) married Ruby Arlene Mann (22 Jan 1924 - 24 Dec 1996; 
Anniston Memorial Gardens) from Cullman, AL.  He joined what is known now 
as the Department of Public Safety in 1952, then it was the Highway Patrol.  He 
retired in 1979 at the rank of Lieutenant in the AL Bureau of Investigation (ABI).  
Additional information was sent 14 Dec 2003 and 17 Dec 2003 by Gary 
Donald Hardegree on this family.  Ernest E. Hardegree, Jr. had three sons:  
Gary Donald "Don", Michael D. of Mobile, AL, and Jerry Wayne of Anniston.  
Don Hardegree of Montgomery, AL married Polly Brooks of Anniston and they 
have one son, Jason Donald.  Jason D. Hardegree married Kathy Moses of 
Montgomery and they have two sons, Connor Owen and Parker Ryan.  They 
live in Montgomery.
An obituary on Michael D. Hardegree was sent by Don Hardegree on 15 Jan 2008: 
Michael "Mickey" Dale Hardegree, Sr., a loving husband, father and grandfather, 
died 5 Dec 2007.  He was 60 and a resident of Mobile (AL) for over 30 years.  He 
was preceded in death by his parents Ernest and Ruby Hardegree of Saks, AL. 
Survivors include his wife Pollyanna, sons Michael D. Hardegree Jr., Jonathan N.
(Ashley) Hardegree, Kent (Melissa) Cartwright, his daughters Kimberly A. Hardegree
(Eddie) and Kia Piele (Bobby), eight granchildren, and two brothers.  Mickey was 
a veteran of the Vietnam War where he served in the U.S. Navy.  Burial was at 
Pine Crest Cemetery, Mobile, AL.
4.  Doris Hardegree (1929 - 1930)
5.  [66.]  James Bryce Hardegree (deceased)  [See below.]
6.  Barney Edwin Hardegree (30 Jan 1927 - 25 Jan 1984; Springhill Baptist Church Cem, 
Ashland, Clay Co., AL) married Alma Cope.  According to Donnia Hardegree (wife of 
Robert Glen Hardegree) and Karin (Hardegree) Ward, Barney and Alma had four 
a)  Charles Greg Hardegree married Sherry _____ and they have four children:  
Shawn Gregory (m. Lisa Kerns in 2001), Kimberly Dwyre (m. Justin Ebert in
2002, 2 children - Annabelle and Isiah), Elizabeth Anne (m. in 2001, 3 
children), and Amanda (m. 2006).
b)  Carol Jean Hardegree married Julian Dana Wall and they have two children:
Lauren Kelli and Evan Cade.
c)  John Edwin Hardegree, 51, of Dawsonville, GA passed away 25 Jan 2011 and is
buried next to his father Barney Edwin Hardegree at Springhill Baptist Church 
Cemetery in Ashland, AL.  He was born in Ashland, AL.  He was a former 
commercial truck driver.  He first married Maureen Ryan and they had two 
children: Karin Diane (m. Brian Ward in 2002), and Daniel John (m. Natalie 
Marie Huch on 19 Sep 2009).  John married second to Connie Lynn Vandiver 
and they have two children:  Jessica Lynn and Jennifer Leigh.  John was 
survived by his children, Karin and Brian Ward of McDonough, Daniel and 
Natalie Hardegree of Buford, Jessica Hardegree of Hampton, Jennifer 
                                         Hardegree of Hampton; his mother Alma Hardegree of Carrollton; 
                                         a sister Carol Jean Wall of Whitesburg; and brothers, Charles 
                                         Hardegree of Coveto, CA and Glen Hardegree of Dawsonville.
d)  Robert Glen Hardegree married Donnia Rena Cox and they have three children:  
Robert Edwin, Katelyn Adalaina, and Madalyn Brooke Hardegree.
7.  John Arthur Hardegree married Barbara M. Rist, formerly Mrs. Alderman.  He was 
raised in Clay Co., AL and joined the U.S. Navy shortly after completing high 
school.  For 21 years he served on the west and east coast of U. S. as well as 
many foreign counties before his retirement in 1973.
8.  Helen Fay Hardegree married Horace Haywood and they have 2 children:
Greg and Kathy.
9.  Sara Pearl Hardegree married Jr. "Allen" Mulkey and they have 1 daughter.
10.  Jerry Lamar Hardegree married Dorothy Mae _____.  The book has his wife listed 
as Elizabeth Tallman.  According to his obituary, Jerry Lamar Hardegree, age 66, 
a native of Talladega, AL and a resident of Mobile, AL, died 13 Jan 2008.  He retired
after 24 years of service with the US Coast Guard.  He was preceded in death by 
his sister Lola, brothers Bryce, Lewis, Bobby and Ernest.  He is survived by his 
loving wife Dorothy Mae Hardegree; children Carol (Don) Dockrey, Ellen (Jaye) 
Cooper, Joyce (Vincent) Caine and Tony (Tawnya) Johnson; nine grandchildren, 
eight great grandchildren; sister(s) Helen and Sarah and brother John; nephews,
nieces and other relatives, including a special nephew Greg Haywood who was 
more than a nephew, more like a brother, friend and confidante.  Burial was at 
Mobile Memorial Gardens in Mobile, AL.
11.  Robert Frank "Bobby" Hardegree married Jeanette _____.  Bobby died 22 Apr 
2004.  He served 34 years in the Navy.
12.  Lewis Burton Hardegree married Ester Physino.
[SOURCES:  Information also from Faye (Jones) Kemp, Helen (Hardegree) Haywood, Gary Donald Hardegree, Donnia Hardegree, Karin D. (Hardegree) Ward, Daniel J. "Danny" Hardegree, Mandy Talbert, and John Arthur Hardegree.  Obituaries of Michael "Mickey" Dale Hardegree, Sr. and Jerry Lamar Hardegree (from the Mobile Register, 15 Jan 2008) sent by Gary Donald Hardegree.
Obituary of John Edwin Hardegree from]

p. 529 --
42.Hugh Derriel Hardegree (b. 17 Oct 1884 Clay Co., AL) married Rebecca Amelia 
"Becky" Carroll.  Anthony L. Hardegree, a grandson, gave his full name as Hugh Derriel, 
but Winston Hardegree, another grandson, has his name spelled as Hugh Darrell.
67.iDavid Archibald Hardegree was born in Clay Co., AL and died in Shelby Co., 
AL (not St. Clair Co., AL as listed in book).  He married Mary Alice 
Tankersley, daughter of John and Emily (Vernon) Tankersley, on 23 Dec 
1931 in Tallapoosa Co., AL.  They had 3 children.
1.  Theo Winston Hardegree (4 Apr 1932 Lafayette, Chambers Co., AL - 19 Apr
2008 Spartanburg, SC) married first in Sylacauga, Talladega Co., AL to
Martha Jean Tate, daughter of Thomas and Lois (Smith) Tate, and second
to Elizabeth Anita "Miss Beth" Sabin in Woodruff, SC.  Martha is buried 
at Greenlawn Cemetery in Spartanburg, Spartanburg Co., SC.  Winston
was survived by his wife; two daughters, Betsy Hardegree Smith and her
husband Paul of Rock Hill, and Emily Hardegree Ray of Spartanburg; 
three sons, Mike Hardegree and his wife Patty of Tyron, NC, David
Hardegree and his wife Angie of Chattanooga, TN, and Matt Hardegree 
and his wife Toni of Sylacauga; 10 grandchildren, Mallory, Chris and Katie
Ray, Erin Denny, Adam Hardegree, Laura Morgan, Sarah Hardegree,
Matthew, Daniel and Catherine Hardegree; four great-grandchildren, and 
a sister, Patricia Hardegree Short of Alexander City.  He was predeceased
by a brother, Dwayne Hardegree. Winston and Martha had 6 
a.  Linda Kay Hardegree (17 Jul 1952 - 20 Jul 1952, both in 
Birmingham, Jefferson Co., AL)
b.  Michelis Winston Hardegree (b. Sylacauga, Talladega Co., AL) 
married first to Mary Lila Foster (d. 31 Dec 1989 Spartanburg, 
SC; Greenlawn Cem) in Chattanooga, Hamilton Co., TN and 
second to Patricia Virginia "Patty" Kirkland in Spartanburg, SC.
He has two children from Mary:  Erin Leigh (b. Princeton, NJ)
and Adam Winston (Spartanburg, SC).
c.  David Tate Hardegree (b. Abington, PA) married Angela Louise 
Willingham in Chattanooga, TN.  Their children, both born in 
Chattanooga, were:  Laura Elizabeth and Sarah.  Laura E. 
married Daniel Albert "Danny" Morgan in Chattanooga and they 
have 3 children:  David Albert, Blake Ryan, and Lilie Ann.
d.  Elizabeth Kay Hardegree (b. Jamacia, Queens Co., NY) married
______ Smith.
e.  Matthew Kenneth Hardegree (b. Long Island, Nasau Co., NY) 
married Toni Maria Brooks in Sylacauga, AL.  Their children are:
Matthew Douglas, Daniel Joseph, and Catherine Maria.
f.  Martha Emily Hardegree (b. St. Charles, Kane Co., IL) married 
Christopher Lee Ray in Sylacauga, AL and their children are:  
Mallory Lee (b. Calhoun Co., AL), Christopher Barrett, and 
Katheryn Elizabeth.
2.  Mary Patricia Hardegree (b. Talladega, Talladega Co., AL) married 
William Forris "Bill" Short in Ocean City, MS.  They have one child.
a.  Alice Marie Short (b. Birmingham, AL) married James Calvin 
Sargent in Alexander, Tallapoosa Co., AL and they later 
divorced.  Their child was:  Matthew Storm (b. Alexander, AL).
3.  David Dwayne Hardegree (3 Mar 1935 Sylacauga, AL - 19 Oct 2002) 
married first to Donna Lee Mensick, second to Mary Willis Meadows 
in Coosa Co., AL, and third to Gail Hilda Patterson (d. 1970s) in 
Columbus, MS.  He had two children from Donna and two children 
from Gail.
a.  Russell Dwayne "Rusty" Hardegree (b. Indianapolis, Marion Co., 
b.  Grant Lee Hardegree (b. Indianapolis, IN)
c.  Rebecca Gail "Becky" Hardegree (b. Birmingham, AL)
d.  David Charles Hardegree (b. Birmingham, AL)
70.ivJesse Sandford "Sank" Hardegree (b. 12 Sep 1919 Clay Co., AL)
71.viMary Evelyn Hardegree (b. 7 Nov 1921) married Jesse Briggs.
[SOURCES:  Winston Hardegree.  Obituaries of Theo Winston Hardegree from The Alexander City Outlook, Tuesday, 22 Apr 2008, and Daily Home Online, 22 Apr 2008 <>, both sent by Rodney Dean.  Birth date from SSDI.]

p. 530 --
49.Arthur Lee Hardegree graduated from Jacksonville, AL State in 1911 and University of 
AL Law School in 1915.  He was the mayor of Ashland, AL in 1918, city attorney 1920-21,
Clay County solicitor 1922-26, circuit solicitor for 18th Judicial Circuit 1927-1953, circuit 
judge for the 18th Judicial Circuit 1953-1968.  [Click here to see his photo.]
[SOURCE:  Faye (Jones) Kemp]

52.Ruth(y) Mozelle Hardegree married Henry Clay Sumners.
79.iJesse Verna Sumners  [see information listed below for p. 533.]
80.iiNellie Maudine Sumners married James B. Williams and they were 
florists in Auburn, AL and owned Auburn Florists.  They had
2 children:
1.  James Michael Williams married Deborah Gauntt Posey and
has 3 children:  James Michael, Jr. "Jay"; January; and 
Jonathan Clay.
2.  Ruthmary Williams married ______ Tyre and has no children.
[SOURCES:  Faye (Jones) Kemp, Verna (Adams) Barnes and Bill Hardegree]

pp. 531, 533 -- 
82.William Bryan "Bill" Hardegree, Jr. should be listed as son of (#54) William Bryan 
Hardegree.  He and his brother Henry were incorrectly listed as sons of Hugh Derriel 
Hardegree in the book.
83.Henry Barnard Hardegree died in 2002.  He should be listed as son of (#54) William
Bryan Hardegree.
[SOURCES:  Faye (Jones) Kemp and Bill Hardegree]

pp. 532, 534 --
Please cross out the #66. James Bryce Hardegree [Sr.] section on page 532 since it is incorrect.  Most of that information goes with the #40. Ernest Eugene Hardegree section on page 529 (see above).  Move the #88 (7-2) James Bryce Hardegree, Jr. section from page 534 to page 532, replacing the #66 section.  The identification numbers for James B. Hardegree's children replace the old ones in the book.  The correct information should be listed as follows:
66.James Bryce Hardegree (8 May 1933 - 15 Nov 1969; Springhill Cem near Ashland, AL) 
married 19 Jun 1953 in Clay Co., AL to Barbara Ann Smith, daughter of Luther and Hattie 
Wesley Smith.
87.iSarah Ann Hardegree married Dennis Hodge.  Their children are:  
James Dennis, Cindy Ann and DeAna Renae.
88.iiBarbara Darlene Hardegree married Scott Schneider and they have one 
son, Jordan Scott.
89.iiiJames Anthony Hardegree married Karen Lynn Woods and they have 
one daughter, Christy Dianne.

p. 532 --
68.Herman Delone Hardegree
According to Winston Hardegree, Herman was born 17 Apr 1913 in Clay Co., AL and died 
11 Mar 1981 in Birmingham, Jefferson Co., AL.  Anthony L. Hardegree, Herman's son, 
gave me his birth date as 28 Apr 1913.
[SOURCE:  Winston Hardegree]

p. 533 --
79.Jesse Verna Sumners married John Mackey Adams, a Clay County, AL druggist.
104.iJohn Quincy Adams, II, was named after his grandfather.  He
married Sara Upton and they had five children.
1.  Verna Ruth (Adams) James Barnes married John Barnes.  She 
has three children:  Brandi James, Tiffany James, and Todd 
2.  John Quincy "Johnny" Adams, III married Kim Hendricks and they
have two children:  Hendrick and John Quincy, IV.
3.  Thomas Sumners Adams married Paula Robinson.  Their two 
children are:  Sara Ellen and Sumner.
4.  Timothy Adams married Gina ______ and their three children are:
Emma Payton, Ivy Francis, and Camille Rose.
5.  James Robert "Jim" Adams married Beverly _____ and they have
one child, James Robert, Jr.
105.iiPatsy Ruth Adams  [see information listed below for p. 534.]
[SOURCES:  Faye (Jones) Kemp, Verna (Adams) Barnes and Tiffany James]

p. 534 --
[105.]  (7-2)  Patsy Ruth (Adams) Riley
Her husband, Robert Renfroe "Bob" Riley, an U. S. Congressman from Clay Co., AL, is 
now the governor of Alabama (2003-).  See his page for more information about him and 
his family.  <>  
(8-1)  Robert Renfroe "Rob" Riley, Jr. married Leslie McCloud.  They have three children,
Rebecca, Elizabeth and Robert Renfroe "Ren", III.
(8-2)  Jenice Riley died Aug 2001.
(8-3)  Minda Riley married Rob Campbell.
(8-4)  Krisalyn Riley will be married on 8 Nov 2003 to Walter Crye in Birmingham, AL.
[SOURCES:  Information also from Faye (Jones) Kemp, Verna (Adams) Barnes and Tiffany James]

[106.]  (7-1)  Margaret Gardiner Hardegree married William H. "Bill" Frantz, Jr.  He has a 
daughter, Stephenia, from his first marriage.
(8-1)  William Henry Frantz, III
(8-2)  Kathryn Frantz
[SOURCE:  Information from Bill Hardegree]

p. 535 --
[109.]  (7-4)  William Bryan Hardegree, III married Marsha Carnes and they are now divorced.
(8-1)  Mattie Marshall Hardegree
(8-2)  William Bryan Hardegree, IV
[SOURCE:  Information from Bill Hardegree]

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